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The current version

The latest version of the Alpha Framework is 4.0.0, which you should install using Composer by adding the following dependency to your composer.json file:

"alphadevx/alpha": "4.*"

You can find a full example composer.json file in the Alpha documentation.

You can view the API documentation for the latest release here: 4.0.0 API Docs

Older versions (unsupported)

For archival reasons the deprecated version 1, 2, and 3 releases of Alpha are available for download here:

Version Release date Download API Docs
3.1.0 April 19th 2021 In your composer.json:

"alphadevx/alpha": "3.1.*"
3.1.0 API Docs
3.0.0 August 4th 2018 In your composer.json:

"alphadevx/alpha": "3.0.*"
3.0.0 API Docs
2.0.4 January 1st 2017 In your composer.json:

"alphadevx/alpha": "2.0.*"
2.0.4 API Docs
1.2.4 October 22nd 2014 1.2.4 API Docs
1.2.3 April 30th 2014 1.2.3 API Docs
1.2.2 October 21st 2013 1.2.2 API Docs
1.2.1 December 21st 2012 1.2.1 API Docs
1.2 November 15th 2012 1.2.0 API Docs
1.1 December 11th 2011 1.1 API Docs
1.0 March 20th 2011 1.0 API Docs

Note that previous major versions of Alpha are now unsupported, and you should only use version 4.0.0 now when possible.

Code repository

Git is used for managing the Alpha Framework source code. The repository is hosted on Github here:

We welcome your pull requests!


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